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Reviewer’s Note: A sample of the product discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.


The Terroir Series of Kaiken Premium Wines expresses distinctive Argentinian winemaking tradition as reflected in the styles of its several varieties. Because history that you can taste is my favorite kind to learn, the bottle of 2014 Kaiken Terroir Series Torrontés that shipped to my door recently was a welcome arrival.


Born in Salta, Argentina’s renowned Cafayate Valley, an area whose old vineyards have an average age of 80 years, this dry white wine composed of 100% Torrontés grapes is a golden lady dressed in shades of youthful green. On pouring, an arresting bouquet declares itself a like a suitor intent on wooing the drinker with tribute of flowers and ripe tropical fruits. Lychee and lime fragrances near the lower rim of the wine glass integrate well with the more prevalent and extroverted aromas of lilies and bananas. At the top rim, delicate intimations of custard and vanilla await.


Round and supple, Kaiken Terroir Series Torrontés finds its banana and floral aromatic suggestions joined on the palate by the juiciness of white peach and apricot. These two former impressions are subtler on the tongue than on the nose, contributing to a state of elegance assisted by sufficient acidity and medium-high alcohol. These attributes sing pleasing harmony to the melodious sweetness and complexity of the many flavors at work. As for the length of its finish, let’s just say that this wine’s players sing well into the night.


This is a developed Torrontés with a variety of pleasing tastes and aromatics. This wine variety is best enjoyed young and doesn’t generally take well to prolonged storage, making it one to drink sooner than later. Its flavor profile makes it a great match for foods ranging from spicy dishes like Thai curry, Vietnamese noodle dishes, and Mexican food, to grilled or smoked fish, salads of crisp fruit and leafy greens, and pairs excellently with oysters from the Pacific Northwest, like Windy Point and Cranberry Creek.


Learn more about Kaiken Premium Wines at and visit for more information on other wines in its Terroir Series.


Retail: $15.00

Alcohol: 13.5%

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