I started www.Luvafoodie.com because I felt there was a gap to be filled in the online dating market. I searched the internet to see if there was any other online dating website for Foodies and the answer was no.

I had been on several large dating websites off and on for years. I had some short term success from time to time but never a lasting meaningful relationship. I felt if there was only a Foodie out there I could connect with I may just meet Mr.Right.

I have a strong interest in cooking, eating out, recipes, cocktails etc…. I guess you could call me a TRUE FOODIE, someone who has a strong passion for food and beverages. Most Foodies like to hang out together try new restaurants and talk about food. After doing some research I found there was no other online dating website that was geared towards Foodies. I thought what a great idea! Thus, after much thought and research I decided to create www.Luvafoodie.com. My hope is everyone who joins will connect with another person who shares the same interest of food. Food connects people and also is a way of showing someone you love them.

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