I am asking myself this question just a week after Valentine’s Day? What does lovee mean to you and what does it mean to me? To me love is knowing that someone else is thinking of you and cares about you. It does not have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be a friend, neighbor, co-worker or your pet. It is not about a romantic encounter or sex. Love comes in all different forms and feelings. Some love is gut wrenching deep and some is as light as a feather. I think we need to all find some type of love in our life time that can enrich our lives. I developed Luvafoodie because I truly believe people connect through love of food and through meaningful connections. I also believe members can meet and fall in love on Luvafoodie.com.  I encourage you to create a profile today and tell your single friends about www.Luvafoodie.com.

When we fall in love we need to accept that there will be losses and gains associated with love. The gains should be greater than the losses. The happy and warm feelings that make you smile come with love. The physical touch that comes from a hug or a kiss do make us feel better. The sensation of putting some food in your mouth that tastes great also feels like love. The rewards of loving are worth the pain that comes when love ends or goes away. Most of us know that one day something or someone we love will no longer be in our lives. We don’t want to think about this day and how we will cope with the loss of a loved one.

I lost a special friend yesterday in a horrible car accident. This was an unexpected tragedy that has left me feeling shocked, empty and sad. I had received a text from her on Valentine’s Day wishing me Happy Valentine’s Day. I still have the text. She was my girlfriend for many years. We shared many happy times and difficult times together. I have to process her loss and the loss of her friendship. I am very sad for her family she leaves behind, her boyfriend and all her friends. She was loved by many and her memory will always be in my heart.

Love is taking a risk and hoping that we touched someone’s heart.  Love is scary and love can hurt. I believe we all have something special to offer someone. It might be your friend, your family member or coworker, or pet. Love means to me you are living and making a connection with someone.  I ask anyone who is reading this to do something special today to make someone feel loved.  Pick up your phone call or text someone to just let them know you are thinking of them. It will make a difference to the receiver to know you cared enough to reach out to them. I dedicate this blog post to my friend Theresa. She reached out to me on Valentine’s Day to let me know she cared about me and I was her friend.

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