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Food 52

By Leslie Stephens


Put your burger knowledge to the test with this quick quiz.

  1. You’re at the grocery store or butcher. What do you buy if you want a perfectly juicy burger?

A. 50/50 blend.
B. A 75/25 blend.
C. A 95/5 blend.
D. No blend—100%, baby.
(E. What on Earth is a blend???)

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  1. What do true burger lovers put on their burgers?

A. Nada, it’s all about the blend.
B. A touch of teriyaki sauce for umami.
C. Cheddar cheese and a fresh slice of tomato. (Lettuce for bonus points.)
D. Doesn’t matter/ anything you want!

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  1. The burgers are taking forever to grill, but you want the tastiest burger possible. Do you:

A. Press them down into the grill to help them cook faster.
B. Flip them over more frequently.
C. Let them take their time.
D. Put more salt on each side, because why not?

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  1. One of these blends is not like the other:

A. Chuck
B. Rib
C. Brisket
D. Flank

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  1. You want the best burger ever. Which classification of meat do you buy?

A. Prime
B. Select
C. Choice
D. Certified

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  1. Before grilling, it’s important to do the following:

A. Gently massage the meat.
B. Keep your patties cold.
C. Preheat the grill for at least two hours.
D. All of the above.

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  1. For a burger with maximum flavor, cook it to:

A. Medium-rare.
B. Medium-well.
C. Well done.
D. Doesn’t matter.


  1. For maximum freshness, it’s best to eat burgers:

A. Within 1 week of being ground.
B. The same day the meat is ground.
C. Within 3 days of the “sell-by” date.
D. Freshness is not a factor of burger taste.


  1. Which of the following is the leanest beef or burger?

A. Prime beef.
B. Grass-fed beef.
C. Grain-fed beef.
D. A blend with short-rib.


  1. Do you want a burger right now?

A. Meh, I could go for one.
B. Yes, all the burgers all the time.
C. I’m literally eating one right now.
D. B & C.



Tally up your answers: 1.) B.; 2.) D. (but we’ll accept A. if you insist) ; 3.) C.; 4.) D.; 5.) A.; 6.) B.; 7.) A.; 8.) B.; 9.) B.; 10.) D.


If you got 7 to 10 correct: Congratulations, you’re a Certified Burger Pro! (Can we come over for dinner next time you’re grilling?)
If you got 4 to 6 correct: Not bad! But if you want to brush up on your burger knowledge, here’s a good place to start.
If you got 3 or fewer correct: Okay, so either you’re vegan… or you still have the rest of summer to learn about burgers—and there’s no time like the

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