Michelle Mazzara CEO

October 11, 2016

Occasionally I am asked to review products and give my feedback on new items. It is always a pleasure to see what other entrepreneurs are developing and support them.

I had the pleasure recently to receive a sample of the new The Ultimate Knife Grip. This is a new accessory for your knives. The rubber pinch grip allows you to hold a knife with more control and greater range of motion. It will improve your knife skills, and make chopping, slicing, dicing easier with less fatigue. The rubber grip prevents your wrist and hand from fatigue and irritation.

Each package comes with three color rubber grips. The color coded system will allow you to separate your knives to prevent cross contamination. Green is to be used for chopping vegetables, white for dairy and red for slicing and cutting meat.

It is very easy to use, the grip folds over a knife with the suction cup against the blade. This will be a great new accessory item to have in every foodie kitchen. I recommend this new product for all our Luvafoodie community.

Additional information is available at www.theultimateknifegrip.com.

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