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Think of all the most productive people you know. How’d they get so darn good at getting things done? I can tell you right now that they weren’t born that way, and as a matter of fact, they probably only do a few things differently than you.

Workplace productivity is key to any employee’s success, so getting a leg up is something you should strive for. But don’t worry about completely rehauling your routine. Rather, challenge yourself each and every day with something a little different or new. This is the key to becoming a more productive person overall.

Here are some easy actions points you can incorporate into your life to become a more productive person at home and in the office:


  1. Manage distractions

If you work in an office, you know that distractions are everywhere. So while it may be tough to set them all aside, it’s important that you learn to at least manage them.

Trying to juggle a ton of different tasks at once is the easiest way to decrease your productivity and increase your work-related stress. Tackle each task one at a time and you’ll be sure to see better results across the board. Productivity all comes down to concentration, so when you’re worrying about every little thing at once, you won’t get anything done.


  1. Technological tranquility

Don’t let yourself fall into a technological trap. Email alone can eat up so much of your time that you may end up spending your entire afternoon answering messages. Productive people know to check their email only a few times a day, and if nothing else, set some serious filters so you aren’t taken down by every single piece of spam.


  1. Clean up your area.

A lot like digital distractions, a messy workspace can mean the end for any meaningful output. When you work in an organized area, you’ll be able to better concentrate on what you’re doing rather than on what’s around you.


  1. Forget about Perfection

Done is better than perfect. Productive people know that the idea of perfection is mostly a myth, and trying to obtain it will only waste your precious time.

Set practical goals and then reach them, but once you get there: don’t look back. Revisiting old projects will often lead to over-thinking and distract you on what you’re currently working on. By all means, learn from past decisions, but always be looking ahead.


  1. Your Body’s a Temple

When it comes to your overall output, you’d be amazed at how important your input is.

Your body’s a temple, and treating it right is the key to increased efficiency. Exercising, eating well, and proper sleep are all factors when it comes to how much work you can get done.

See if you can keep healthy snacks on hand such as unsalted nuts, crackers and hummus, and an assortment of fruits and veggies. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, which is why a poor decision at lunch can derail an entire afternoon.” But as we all know, time is money, so if you’re looking to an easy alternative to bringing in your own meal, look to a service such as Foodee for some help.

Foodee is a corporate meal delivery service that makes it easy for companies to order food directly into the office. Working with the city’s top local restaurants, Foodee delivers five star food into the boardroom. Perfect for meetings, conferences, or just an everyday lunch, Foodee will work wonders for your productivity.


  1. Forget about FOMO

There isn’t any sense in worrying about what others are doing. Focus on what’s in front of you and throw blinders on the rest of it. No one else is thinking about your workload, and so the same should go for you. Getting stuff done is where your head should be at.


  1. Get up and stretch

Regardless of the position in which you work, your body is prey to posture stresses. With most 9-5 jobs requiring us to sit at least 8 hours a day, we are doing major damage to our bodies and ultimately our minds.

Having to deal with pain in the workplace is not a great way to get anything done. Frequent stretching is important to keep proper blood flow of nutrients to the working tissues. Stretching at least once per hour will not only decrease risk of injury, but also increase physical efficiency and performance of everyday tasks.


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