How does the Referral Program work?

If you get 5 friends to join and they become active members, we send you a FREE bag of caramels.


How do I refer friends to join

On your profile, simply click on “Send Invites” and follow the instructions on the page.


I can’t send invites, what do I do?

You can report this to us at or leave us feedback on the Feedback tab.


How do you determine if a member is active?

A member is active once the person you refer is approved by the Luvafoodie team and is actively using his/her profile.


How do I know if all the friends I referred are active?

We will notify you once you’ve reached 5 active users.


What is the limit of the promo?

The promo is limited to 1 bag of caramel per member, meaning you can only join the promo once.


How many invites can I send at a time?

You can send to 10 emails at a time.


I’ve been referred to join Luvafoodie, can I also join the promo?

Yes you can! Same rules and mechanics apply.