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Mini Smoke House Lovers Veggie Egg Frittata

Yields1 Serving

From the Making Meals Matter kitchen to yours

 2 Eggs
 3 Cherry or Grape tomatoes cut in half
 1 tbsp Red onion diced
 2 Asparagus spears chopped into 1-inch pieces
  tsp Luvafoodie Smokehouse Lovers Spice Blend
 Optional: handful of fresh arugula and cheddar cheese (or feta)

Grease a 3- or 4-inch round microwave safe bowl (I used my glass Pyrex storage container)


In a bowl, beat the 2 eggs well.


Add the asparagus and the tomatoes and onions and smokehouse lovers spice blend and mix again.


Pour the egg mixture into the bowl.


Cover with clear plastic wrap and poke a few holes in top


Microwave on medium for 2 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap. Run a knife around the outside edge of the frittata in the bowl to loosen any parts that may have stuck.


Arrange the arugula on the plate and turn the glass bowl upside down over the plate. Sprinkle with a little cheese and Enjoy!