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Meat Feast Paella

Yields1 ServingPrep Time12 hrs

This 4 to 6 person Paella is a Chicken, Pork and Chorizo version. The recipe has been adapted from the traditional “Paella Valencia” to replace the Rabbit with Chicken thigh. This recipe is perfect for those that do not like seafood or rabbit normally present in the two traditional Paella recipes.
As another attempt to make it more “store cupboard” friendly I have also used long grain rice instead of the traditional calasparra rice, but the recipe works fine with both. A 30 cm paella pan is required, but a large frying pan will also work.
The recipe was created as part of “The Great Gusto: A Spanish Culinary Contest”. The full details of the competition can be found: http:chare//

 2 Diced Chicken Thighs – Boned & Skinned
 200 Grams Diced Chicken Breast
 150 Grams of Diced Pork Loin
 150 Grams of Chorizo
 ½ a Red Pepper
 ½ a Green Pepper
 1 Medium Onion
 10 Green Beans
 1 Clove of Garlic
 ½ tin of Chopped Tomatoes
 1 Glass of White Wine
 2 Chicken Stock Cubes
 1 pinch of Saffron
 Salt to Taste
 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 75 grams of rice per person. 300 for 4, 450 for 6

1. Pour oil around the pan, over a medium heat add the diced chicken breast, thigh and pork. Fry until golden.


2. Add chopped onion and peppers, frying until soft


3. Add chorizo and garlic, fry until all ingredients are nearly cooked


4. Add ½ a tin of tomatoes, 1 chicken stock cube and 1 glass of white wine. Cook until wine has reduced.


5. Once the wine has reduced pour in the rice, if using Paella rice wait until rice is translucent, if long grain cook for around 30 seconds. Stir well.


6. Add boiling water, this should cover all ingredients and come near the top of the paella pan. If using a frying pan then around 1cm off ingredients.


7. Add remaining stock cube, saffron, and salt. Cook on a medium/low heat until water is reduced, stir very occasionally.


8. Add green beans and a couple of peppers around the pan 5 mins prior to serving.


9. Cook until water is fully absorbed. Test the rice, if it needs longer add more water. The water should be fully absorbed for serving, with the rice cooked.


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