Citrus Lovers Game Day Smoked Buffalo Chicken and Veggie Bites

By luvafoodie  

January 17, 2018

BBQ Rescues – Mick Brown TV Grilling Champion


(12-20 Appetizer Servings)


1 lb Boneless Chicken Breasts

1 lb Boneless Chicken Thighs

1 lb Jumbo Carrots

6 Stalks Celery

4 Delicious Red Apples

4 Oranges

1/2 cup Luvafoodie Citrus Lovers Salt Free Spice Blend

6 oz. Worcestershire sauce

1 cup Low-fat Blue Cheese Dressing

1 cup BBQ Sauce (Low Fat, Vegetarian preferred)

1 cup Frank’s Hot Sauce

4 tbsp Butter (Lactose Free, Vegan preferred)

3 tsp Sugar Substitute (Splenda, Agave, Honey, Monk Fruit or your preferred Sweetener)

Hickory or Mesquite Wood Chunks (charcoal) or Chips (gas grill)

Spring Mix or Your Choice of Fresh Greens for Garnish (or Salad option)


1If you are expecting Vegans, better to prepare Vegetables separately on Grill and keep warm before cooking Chicken.

2Prepare Grill for Indirect Smoking by heating one Half to High (Gas or Charcoal). Soak Wood Chunks or Chips.


1Skin Carrots, Devein Celery, cut in Half lengthwise to lay flatter on Grill

2Chop Apples in Half and sprinkle with Lemon Juice

3Combine All in Plastic Bag (or in Bowl). Mix in 2 oz. Worcestershire Sauce and 2 Tbsp. Luvafoodie Citrus Lovers Spice Blend. Mix well and Smoke on Indirect side of Grill, after adding Wood Chunks or Chips for 15 Minutes, flipping once.


1Butterfly Chicken Breasts. Combine with whole Boneless Thighs in Plastic Bag or Bowl

2Season with 4 oz. Worcestershire Sauce and 4 Tbsp. Luvafoodie Citrus Lovers Spice Blend.

3Smoke Chicken on Indirect Side of Grill for 30-40 minutes, replacing Wood Chunks or Chips as needed

4Grill Halved Oranges, springing some juice on Chicken towards end of cooking


1Place Grill-Safe Pan on Hot side of Grill. Add Butter and Sugar Substitute. Mix Well and Cover.

2Once warm (about 10 Minutes), Stir and remove Sauce Pan from Grill.

3Move Chicken to Hot side of Grill, flipping to finish (about 10 Minutes)


1Line bottom of Platter with Spring Mix or your Choice of Herbs or Lettuce (for Salad Option

2Pour Blue Cheese Dressing, Buffalo and BBQ Sauce Bowls, and place in Center of Platter for Dipping [May make separate Bowls for strict Vegans (and use Vegan Substitute Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing.]

3Core Apples and Cut into Quarters. Slice Carrot and Celery in Half or Thirds for hearty Bites. Place on One Side of Platter

4Slice Grilled Chicken into thick Strips and serve on other side of Platter.

5Finish with a final Sprinkling of Luvafoodie Citrus Lovers Spice Blend.

Healthy Appetizer to serve for the Big Game!


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