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Find out who the real foodie is and who can DISH IT OUT! www.dishitoutfoodie.com

If you enjoy kitchen delights that make your taste buds sing, you’re gonna love our board game called DISH IT OUT FOODIE. It’s all about food, drink and the language of the kitchen. We designed it for those who enjoy exploring cuisines, sharing recipes, trying new restaurants and talking about tasty times. It’s fun, challenging and deliciously engaging.

Hi. We’re Celeste and Richard. We created DISH IT OUT FOODIE. It took 18 months of research, development and design. Our friends and family play-tested the game as it evolved and they were not shy about telling us their thoughts on how to make it better. We went back to the drawing board many times until we got it right. We are proud to say DISH IT OUT FOODIE is out of the oven and ready to serve.

DISH IT OUT FOODIE is delivered in a 9” pizza box with all the trimmings. In keeping with the foodie theme, the playing pieces are stored in concession stand bags…peanut, popcorn and cookie bags. The action packed, quad-fold board opens to 18 inches and reveals an original design including Celeste’s own paintings.

There are over 900 Q&As in six food categories. Two to six players or teams move around the board answering questions and then head to the Dish It Out Foodie circle to answer a Foodie Finish question to win the game.

Most of us played board games when we were growing up. They were fun, engaging and definitely interactive. You talked to each other, even argued, but it was always a collective enjoyment. DISH IT OUT FOODIE serves that purpose…good old fashioned time well spent with friends and family.

So turn off the phones and electronics and gather round the table and have a great time together playing DISH IT OUT FOODIE. Savor the Play! www.dishitoutfoodie.com

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