1. The most important attribute you have to have is PASSION for your business. If you do not have an immense over the top passion for your business and brand you will not succeed. I eat, dream, and sleep my brand. Your passion has to be so deep within yourself that when you meet someone all they see is your brand.
  2. Visualize what you want and dream about it. Visualization is key to making your dreams happen. I visualize every night before I go to sleep what I want next.
  3. Be confident about your plan, business and goals.
  4. Be decisive, make a decision and move on. If it is not the right decision you can adjust down the road but at least you made a decision that was based on the facts and information you had at the time. Business plans need to be tweaked and changed as your brand and company grows.
  5. Take risks……..there is no guarantee your business or idea will work. If you don’t take risks you will not grow. One risk at a time builds confidence that the next risk will be easier to take. If you fail by taking a risk you will recover. Failing and starting over again is part of the process of building a brand and business.
  6. Foster relationships with your customers, clients, vendors and business associates. The key for me has been to build trust in my relationships. When I say something about my product or ingredient in a product customers believe and trust me. Don’t ever lie. You can never gain trust back once it is lost.
  7. Be a self-starter, no one can motivate you better than yourself. If you are not tenacious and a self-starter your business will never succeed.
  8. Let go of negative people and haters. Some people will not understand why you are starting your own business and will discourage you from going on your own. Negative people will only drain you, so let them go. Surround yourself with other dreamers who dream bigger than you. These are the people that will empower you and challenge you to achieve your dreams.
  9. Add balance into your day and for me it is exercise. I find time every day to exercise which is a great stress releaser. Take a break when needed, maintain a healthy diet and drink a lot of water.
  10. Engage in social media for your brand. It is essential for building awareness, excitement, and engagement with your audience. Know your audience, give them what they want. My audience wants recipes, restaurant reviews, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Instagram post, and Tweets. I engage in several types of social media daily for Luvafoodie.

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