Compatibility Tests: Do They Really Work?

One of the features that attract many people to online dating sites is the option of using a compatibility or matchmaking tool. There are a few different styles of these tools available and the results can be mixed. Some online dating services give users the option of taking a compatibility test so the results can be figured into profiles while browsing. Other services actually rely completely on the matchmaking results and do not offer customers the ability to browse profiles in any other way. Different people have found both methods helpful over time.

How Dating Compatibility Tests Works

The core of any compatibility test is a complex mathematical algorithm that takes the information that is provided and matches it to other profiles. These algorithms are developed by psychologists and sociologists and are based on research into human behavior. A visitor to an online dating site must usually fill out a profile and then answer a series of questions that help to pinpoint certain qualities and the strength or weakness of those affiliations. The tests can involve hundreds of questions that must be answered honestly. The end result is direct matching based on a few dozen of the most prominent qualities of an individual.

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Success Rates For Matchmaking Services

There is no doubt that many long-term relationships, strong friendships and even marriages have resulted from matches that were made through a compatibility test. The proprietary nature of the algorithms that are used as well as the lack of long-term studies means that the success rates for these programs is largely anecdotal. The fact that matchmaking sites that use compatibility tests gain millions of new members each year who sometimes report success means that there is at least some benefit to be gained by using this type of tool when looking for a relationship online.


Tips for Taking a Compatibility Test

The matches that a compatibility test creates are based on the information that each party has provided. Complete honesty is required in order to find the best match with another person. It is also important to set aside enough time to take the test so that answers are not rushed and questions are not misread. One mistake that some people make when answering a battery of compatibility questions is to think about what the question means instead of simply answering it. The questions that are asked do not generally relate directly to any single attribute and attempting to answer in a way that is thought to artificially inflate some quality will most likely result in matches that make little or no sense.

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