I had the pleasure to taste new THINK JERKY Sriracha Honey free-range turkey jerky.  Chef Gale Gand created this recipe by using real honey, gluten-free tamari and her unique blend of sriracha spice mix. I love the combination of spicy and sweet flavors.

What makes this line of jerky unique is they use half the amount of sugar and salt than most brands and they use herbs and spices for flavoring instead of salt and chemicals. The chefs also use a propriety baking process that gives the jerky a softer texture and chew.

As the owner and CEO of www.Luvafoodie.com I am very particular in which products I will endorse and would buy myself. I would definitely recommend this new line of jerky to all my members and to our Luvafoodie community. I am a big purchaser of jerky and will look for this new line to show up in grocery stores in the near future to buy.


The three Chefs behind this new brand have accomplished backgrounds and are very well respected in the Chef community.

Chef Laurent Gras:

Three-Star Michelin Chef

Food & Wine Best New Chef

Culinary Innovator

Chef Matt Troost:

Farm-To-Table Expert

BaconFest Champion

Sustainability Advocate

Chef Gale Gand:

Michelin-Star Chef

Two-Time James Beard Award Winner

Food Network TV Host

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