Where to meet your Luvafoodie date for the first time? I would of course suggest someplace that involves food and beverage. There is of course your favorite watering bar or restaurant but there are many other places. Listed below are some other Luvafoodie date suggestions.

  1. The Zoo, grab a soda and ice cream at the concession stand and walk around the zoo. The zoo is a great place to talk about many things including being silly and having fun at the same time.
  2. A Picnic, you both decide on the park in advance. One of you brings the beverage and dessert the other brings some appetizer. You will get to see how creative your Foodie date is and how well you listened to each other on what you like to eat and drink.
  3. A Bike Ride, go for a bike ride and then stop and get a snack.
  4. Art Museum, looking at art and sculptures will naturally be something for you to discuss. Ask your date, what was the artist thinking when he or she painted that picture? How long do you think that sculpture took to make?
  5. Wine and Canvas Class, there are many wine and painting classes to sign up for in many cities. This is a creative and fun way to spend a few hours to get to know your date.
  6. Wine or Beer Tasting, several wineries and breweries have tastings on the weekends. This is a fun way to interact and try new beverages.
  7. Recipe Night, make one of the Luvafoodie recipes posted on Luvafoodie.com.
  8. Fitness Class, decide what kind of activity you want to do and take a class together. I recommend spinning or kick boxing. Then get a smoothie afterwards.


Dating is fun especially when you try doing new activities together. Some dates will be more fun than others. It is best you keep an open and positive outlook before going on any date. Where something appropriate for your date, don’t over dress or under dress. Show up on time, there is nothing worse than waiting for a late date to show up. Share with us your dating stories at customerservice@luvafoodie.com. We want to hear the good and the bad stories.


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