Michelle Mazzara was recently featured on the Joseph Bonner Show and shared with Celebrity Health Coach Joseph Bonner the tragic life event that motivated her to create healthy food seasoning alternatives.

“I was misdiagnosed and … suffered a heart attack,” she shares on the show. “So, this is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle,” Mr. Bonner added.

Founded in 2014, Mazzara started Luvafoodie as a clean eating seasonings brand that uses no chemicals or fillers, and to the delight of foodies everywhere, in 2016 added gourmet Belgian chocolate products!

“If you have not had these Belgian chocolates, you’re not living,” Bonner boasted as he went on to rave about the sweets and accused Oprah Winfrey’s team of probably hiding the box sent to her team. He also asked Oprah Winfrey on the air where she’s been at and chimed in that she should be the main one behind this clean eating brand.

Perhaps the most inspiring part about her interview is the story she shared that happened two years ago when her dog stopped eating. One doctor encouraged her to put the dog down. Unsatisfied with that, Mazzara went to work on creating seasoning that would make her pet start eating again. Not only is her dog still alive, but now cats and dogs have Luvafoodie seasoning to enhance the flavor of their food.

She also spoke about her new book Luvafoodie Spice Blends Cookbook, now available on Amazon, designed to help everyday people implement Luvafoodie seasonings on the food they already enjoy.