(Cardio Smart- American College of Cardiology)

Talk with your Doctor & heart team about a diet that’s right for you.

This diets:

  • Help maintain a Healthy Weight
  • Lower The Risk of Heart disease
  • Improve Blood Pressure



This diet is Light On Meat & Sweets.

  1. Fruits & Vegetables
  2. Beans, Legumes & Whole Grains
  3. Fish, Nuts & Olive Oil


Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet focuses on Limiting Salt  To Less Than 1,500 MG/Day.

  1. Fruits, Vegetables & Whole Grains
  2. Lean Meats & Low-Fat Dairy


This dietary  pattern Cuts Out Meat and, in some cases, Seafood & Dairy.

  1. Fruits & Vegetables
  2. Legumes, Grains, Seeds & Nuts

Tips from the new Dietary Guidelines:

Boost your intake of Fruits, Vegetables & Whole Grains + Cut back on sodium, sugars & saturated fats + Don’t forget to Exercise.



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