[kleo_accordion] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Nitro Ice-Cream Machines”]Instant ice-cream[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Healthier Snacking”] Supermarkets will increase their selection of healthiersnacking products. Fewer snack products with high-sugar, high-fat will be featured on displays and at check-out. [/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Champagne”]Makes a comeback replacing Prosecco as the choice of celebration toasts.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Seasonal Trends”]Spring ingredients include rhubarb, peas and asparagus. Inautumnand winter more restaurants will offer rabbit, venison and pheasant.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Locally Sourced Foods”]Foods grown in your region are trending.Consumers like the idea of knowing where the food comes from and the source of ingredients.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”End of Bread Bowls”]More and more restaurants have eliminated bread bowls from their menus due to gluten-free trend.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Importance of Breakfast”]More companies are offering protein-breakfast options. Whole grains products and Greek yogurt will continue to increase as more people want to live a healthier lifestyle.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Retro Cocktails and Craft Beers”]Cocktails from the 1950’s are prepared by mixologists not bartenders. Cocktails are made up of fresh and natural ingredients. Small breweries continue to increase and pop up in cities across America.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Gluten-Free”]More and more consumers want gluten-free products and more restaurants will offer gluten-free dishes.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Mashup Dishes and International Flavors”]The birth of the Cronut: croissant and doughnut combined. More dishes and products that combine Indian, Middle Eastern flavors will increase.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Umami Salt”]The 5th taste, umami, is now showing up in restaurants. Restaurants are now usingumami salt in sauces and to flavor burgers.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Upscale Comfort Foods”]Mac-and cheese with Italian sausage and fennel cheese cream sauce are an example of this.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Artisan Pizza”]More gourmet pizza products are available and more Artisan pizza restaurants are popping up in cities.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Bacon”]There are more gourmet products that include bacon as main ingredients in products such as jellies, jams and candy.[/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Sriracha Sauce”]Speciality gourmet products that use sriracha sauce as a main ingredient such as candy, jams, popcorn and dressings are trending.[/kleo_accordion_item]