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The internet is abuzz with the hottest food trends for 2018, and some of them fit really nicely into a runner’s diet. Between the Whole Foods 2018 Food Trend Report and the Pinterest food trends to watch, there are a ton of new healthy food crazes coming your way in 2018. Here’s a list of some of our favorites and ideas for trying at home.


Both the Whole Foods and Pinterest trend reports acknowledge the rise in popularity of Middle Eastern dishes-specifically flavors popular in Morocco. Ingredients like harissa, coriander, and cardamom are expected to become mainstream flavors. Many Americans are familiar with the traditional hummus and falalel dishes, but you can expect to see more interesting dishes, like tagine and Moroccan cous cous, take center stage.

Try It:

Use the beet greens to make Beet Tzatziki with Beet Green Chips or slice up the broccoli stalks for Broccoli Salad with Honey-Tahini Dressing.


The use of super powders is on the rise, especially since they are so easy to incorporate into smoothies, lattes and yogurt bowls. While we’ve seen turmeric and matcha grow in popularity, expect to see more of it in your local restaurants and food items. Watch out for newer powders. like Cacao, Maca root, Moringa, and Spirulina. Each has its own taste, so give it a try before throwing a few tablespoons into your post-run smoothie.

Try It:

To start, try this Matcha Granola or Turmeric Coconut Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque. If you’re feeling daring, give moringa a try in these No-Bake Energy Bars.


Lavender isn’t just for post-run relaxation anymore! Floral flavors are the newest addition to drinks and food. You may have tried bright pink hibiscus tea, but have you delved into lavender water or rose-flavored desserts? Florals add a nice aromatic smell and taste to your beverages and snacks.

Try It:

Make a quick Wild Blueberry Lavender Smoothie to prevent post-run inflammation or indulge in this Lavender Shortbread Cookies.


Believe it or not, being sober is all the rage in 2018. And it’s no wonder since drinking too much alcohol can cause dehydration and fatigue. Expect to see the rise of delicious mocktails, which allow you to enjoy the taste of your favorite drinks sans alcohol.

Try It:

This Strawberry Kombucha mojito provides a probiotic boost without the hangover.


I’m sure you’ve had a crunchy snap pea before, but expect to see them more frequently in 2018. Pinterest says that snack artists are swapping snap peas and edamame for greasy chips, and I bet you will see them added to more salad and veggie dishes. This is a trend we can totally get behind since more greens is always a good thing.

Try It:

Although not necessarily a snap pea chip, who doesn’t love a good Spring Veggie and Burrata Salad that makes snap peas the star of the show?



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