What is Luvafoodie?

Luvafoodie is a brand and an online community that features curated recipes and restaurant reviews where members can share their passion for food.


Do I have to pay for membership?

No, membership is FREE.


How do I submit a recipe?

First, you need to be a member to submit your recipe. You can do this by signing up. Next, simply complete the fields needed and select your difficulty level, recipe category and cuisine and complete all other details in the form here.

We love getting recipes from everyone across all states, but we do have a review process which filters spam and other nasty stuff that we don’t want published so give us 24 hours for your recipe to be reviewed and approved then published.


How do I submit a restaurant review?

To submit a restaurant review, you must first be a member of Luvafoodie. You can sign-up here.

Next, submit a restaurant listing to list the restaurant and allow multiple reviews. After the restaurant listing has been submitted, you can now add your review of the restaurant.

You can check if the restaurant you’re adding has already been published here and you can publish your own review of the restaurant.

Your restaurant review will take within 24 hours to be approved.


How do I delete my profile from Luvafoodie.com?

To delete your profile, click on “Your Profile”. Then go under your “Settings” tab. Under the “General” tab, tick on the box and hit “Save”.

Deleting your account with Luvafoodie will remove your data with us, but you can always sign up again at any time.


I need help with my account, how do I contact your support team?

You can email us at customerservice@luvafoodie.com.