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Imagine if you had a crystal ball to predict how a woman was going to react to your advances before you approach her?

Well my friend meet your crystal ball, Body language of Women!

Body Language is the silent dance of love, or rejection, that goes on between two people, and both, probably don’t even realize it.

*Body Language Of Women*

These non verbal signs can be the keys to seduction or the hint to move on. Every pick up artist has mastered body language.

Master the body language of women and you empower yourself in a way most guys will never know.

The body language of women can tell you everything you need to know before you go to engage her. This is a game changer, think about it.

If the woman from across the room displays positive body language, your night suddenly becomes easy. If she shoots you a negative sign, you’ve saved yourself time and rejection.

Most guys don’t recognize the most basic silent signals. The body language of women is a tool that needs to be harnessed and will always be at your disposal.

Often times body language is displayed automatically (breathing, for instance) For a person to shut it off would take extreme mind control. Advantage…us.

Your goal is to learn the body language of women basics and that should be good enough to:

  • Have the advantage over guys that no very little on the subject.
  • Pave the path to an easier pick up

Body language consists of two general types, open gestures and closed gestures. We want a woman to give us open gestures.

Remember that she may open with positive signs then close you off or vise versa depending on your gaming moves. Watch and adjust as her gestures change.

Remember, don’t take negative body language of women personally. She might be having a bad day and just be in a pissy mood.

Also, introverted women naturally display negative signs. It’s up to you to try to loosen these barriers or move on.

Body Language of Women Positive signs

  • If you make eye contact with a girl and she holds eye contact back
  • If you make eye contact, and she looks away and acts nervous, maybe plays with her hair or stirs her drink.
  • If the woman orients her shoulders towards you or exposes her palms or wrists these are signs she is interested.
  • If a woman leans towards you with her shoulders square this is a very positive sign
  • if her legs are held somewhat wide and not crossed
  • Obviously, if she smiles
  • If she touches you in any way

Body Language of Women Negative signs

  • Rolling her eyes
  • Crossing her legs away from you
  • Crossing her arms
  • If she is leaning away from you

If a woman copies what you are doing this is a great sign. You drink, she drinks, you look and she looks, it can be pretty amusing when you notice a woman mimicking you and she doesn’t even realize it.

When women are trying to get a guys attention almost every gesture is exaggerated .

By this I mean, girls will lean towards you more, or they laugh more and they smile more. Interested women will fidget much more than usual.

For instance they touch their hair or jewelry over and over. Women’s faces will be much more animated than normal.

When these body language of women signs are happening, realize them as being extremely positive and go in and close!

Often times a woman will feel conflicted. She gives you a big smile but turns away suddenly. She is not sure how she feels about you.

To me this is also an opportunity. She wants you to change her mind, so accept the challenge and go in and game.

Women will also engage in sarcastic behavior towards you and may even put you down. But if she is showing positive body language then she probably digs you.

Body Language is the silent dance of love, or rejection, that goes on between two people. Most likely, neither, consciously realize it. These non verbal signs can be the keys to seduction or the hint to move on.

To master these basics is to give yourself a huge advantage on scoring with women and out classing your competition.

Every pick up artist I know has superior knowledge of the body language of women. Now you do.

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