Call yourself what you will — foodie, gastronome, gourmet, gastronaut, epicure — the general public might just call you annoying. Why? Because when we get among our people, there’s no getting us off of the subject of eating and drinking. Are you grating Himalaya sea salt with a microplane? Because I am. Did you see the way Spoon and Stable side-plated that canapé? Crazy! Mexican Coke is going to corn syrup! The horror! And now, your date, the plastic surgeon who never eats anything unless it’s Paleo, is glazing over like a donut. This is never gonna work out.

Time to shut down that and head over to Luvafoodie.

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Michelle Mazzara is single, and a foodie, and has tried many of the other dating sites. “Foodies like to talk about food and drink — it’s a big part of our lives, and when I got matched with people who weren’t foodies, there wasn’t the commonality there. It just didn’t work.”

She launched the site about a year ago, and while she’s not releasing numbers on members, she says it’s a steadily growing network. It works like any other dating site, it is free, and the profile questions include the basic things you want to know in a potential mate like smoking habits and jobs and all that other boring stuff, but then goes on to find out the subtle nuances of your foodiedom. How many times a week do you dine out? Are you a craft beer drinker? What’s your signature dish?

And if this new advancement in dating technology has got you thinking about chucking your wedding ring because you’re married to some dullard who only likes Pachinko and model airplanes, wait one minute, because Luvafoodie is for you, too. Become a part of the Luvafoodie “community” even if all you seek are other foodies to like, but not necessarily to love. Commiserate platonically about restaurants, even review them, swap recipes, all the while sparing your regular friends the agony.

Need to know more? Watch for a Luvafoodie infomercial that will air on Around Town on Cable Channel 6 from April 30-May 22.


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