He knows about your weird things, and he’s into them.
By Lane Moore

  1. Being around him is always fun, even when the situation isn’t. Like that one time you were stuck in line at the bank for, like, two hours, so you both made up a weird game involving deposit slips and finding people in the bank who may or may not be drug dealers. Being with him turns all things into great things.
  2. He knows about your weirdo shit and he’s into it. He knows you watch Lifetime movies over and over again while wearing a bathrobe and eating rice cakes, and he thinks it’s cute for some reason. The reason: because he is awesome.
  3. He’s consistently great to you. If he makes you the most romantic dinner on Monday night, he doesn’t suddenly become the Hulk the following night just because you forgot to pick up a bottle of wine to bring to his parents’ place. Also, he should never become the Hulk.
  4. You know (and like) all his friends. You’re friends with his friends and even if you’ve never met some of them, he talks about you all the time, so they feel like they know you.
  5. He challenges you to be even more amazing. You’re already the coolest and he knows that because that’s why you’re together, but he thinks you’re capable of even more than you think you’re capable of (and you know you’re capable of a lot, so that’s saying something.)
  6. He makes you feel like the most gorgeous human in the world. Even on days when you definitely do not feel that way, he still makes you feel like Jennifer Lawrence would feel ugly standing next to you. How does he do that?! Oh, by genuinely believing you’re the most gorgeous human in the world? That’s cool.
  7. He never picks up coffee without asking if you want him to grab you something too. Same goes for “I’m at the grocery store” and “I’m at a store that sells puppies.”
  8. He emails your mom any cute cat videos he finds because he knows she loves them. Not just so he can get in good with you but because he genuinely thinks it would make her day. This gesture is actually cuter than any cat videos he could find.
  9. He remembers details about your friends and asks about them to see if they’re doing OK. “Hey, how’s Carrie doing? Is her mom still sick? Tell her to let me know if there’s anything I can do” is not only something you could picture him saying, he’s actually said that.
  10. He cares about your physical needs. Even if you guys aren’t sleeping together, he finds out you like neck kisses so he goes out of his way to deliver more neck kisses. Awesome.
  11. He lets you take time for yourself. You need time to work on your own projects and be with your friends or watch movies alone for hours? He gets that. He takes his time, you take yours, and then you get together and tell each other all about it (or not.)
  12. He supports your dreams and goals 100 percent. Sometimes even more than you do because he knows you’re capable of doing anything you want to do. Whether it’s becoming the next T-Swift or running a 10K in the dead of winter, he’s into it, and he’ll make you snacks while you train.
  13. He’s always crazy excited to see you. And vice versa. Even if you just saw him yesterday, it still feels like there’s a member of One Direction in your living room. How did he get in here?! Seriously, how did he get in here.


Via Cosmopolitan
Marie Claire


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