Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Martini

By luvafoodie  

November 29, 2017


3 tsp Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Spice (available at

1 6oz. bag of Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Cheese curd or container

Dash of ground sea salt

8 oz. Tomato Juice

4 oz. Vodka

1 cup ice cubes

1 Lemon wedge

Decorative Pick - Garnish with:

Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Cheese Curds



Red Pepper


1In a martini shaker mix together tomato juice and 2tsp. Bloody Mary Spice Blend.

2Add vodka and Ice cubes, shake for 30 seconds.

3Take the lemon wedge and squeeze over the rim of martini glasses.

4In a small bowl, mix together 2 tsp. Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Spice and salt.

5Dip martini glasses in Bloody Mary salt mixture, to rim glass of martini.

6Pour Bloody Mary Vodka mixture into 2 martini glasses.

7Garnish with Luvafoodie Bloody Mary Cheese curds, shrimp, olives and pickled tomato.

Serves 2


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