Garlic Lovers cabbage Soup

By luvafoodie  

March 8, 2018


1 # ground beef

1 small head of green cabbage, shredded or chopped

1 large carrot, chopped

15 oz. can tomato sauce, 1

14 1/2 oz. can dice tomatoes,1

1 small can tomato paste

8 cups water

2 tsp Luvafoodie garlic lovers seasoning, or more to taste

2 tsp lemon juice to taste

1/3 cup sugar


1brown ground beef, drain and set aside

2sprinkle cabbage lightly with salt and let sweat for 45 minutes then rinse and drain

3in a large pot put cabbage and next 7 ingredients. cook until cabbage is tender about 45 minutes

4add cooked beef, lemon juice, and sugar

5cook for 5 minutes, taste and adjust garlic lovers seasoning

6cook for 10 more minutes and enjoy


1garnish with sour cream and chopped green onions


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